Just for fun, here’s a short list of some of the more bizarre search terms that visitors typed into Google and then clicked on the Eugenified website listing…

mcgrath’s halibut parmesan recipe
barnes and noble reading policy
barnes and nobles comfortable sofas
basic conversation in spanish about ordering food at a mexican restaurant
book review right to bear arms burger and mcgrath
chairs like in borders
descriptive words for bbq sauce
did the howling coyote bbq company of springfield oregon go out of business
does the cooler have pool? eugene oregon
food poisoning bbq ribs
how much do cornucopia waiters make
is evergreen indian buffet open on christmas?
is three forks healthy?
little restaurant serving tea close to eugene, oregon
pronounce aiyara
unorganized burger place
what is problem in borders bookstore
creepy bugs snags and tags
funny things about the word cornucopia
how to get stale beer smell out of cooler
microwaving tony romas ribs
oyster sauce diarrhea
places with the name howling in them
why does barnes and nobles let you read free

I suppose Eugenified will get even more visits now that I listed all these bizarre search terms on one page. While I’m at it, I think I will add one more phrase to see if I can get top ranking on Google when people search for the term “Eugene restaurant xylophone smackdown”. Check Google in a few days to see if Eugenified is listed #1 when searching for this term.

Gee, I have really accomplished a lot today. I should take a well deserved break.

Update: Woo hoo! We’re number one, baby! Now if only we could monetize this searchword coup…