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The Mission Mexican Restaurant

The Mission Mexican Restaurant 610 East Broadway Eugene, OR 97401 (541) 686-8226 See this location on a map Update, Aug 2015: This place really went downhill the last few times I stopped by. The tables are getting dirtier and the younger manager-types seem to be very focused on the bar area

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Chelitas Taqueria & Restaurant

Chelitas Taqueria & Restaurant 321 Main Street Springfield, OR 97477 (541) 736-7441 See this location on a map Update, Aug 2015: This place is long gone.

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Caspian Mediterranean Restaurant

Caspian Mediterranean Restaurant 863 East 13th Avenue Eugene, OR 97401-3706 (541) 683-7800 See this location on a map Some restaurant owners are real marketing geniuses. Not only can they cook tasty food, but they also know how to present it in an atmosphere that enhances the dining experience, whether it be a high-brow sit-down restaurant […]

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Taco Time

Taco Time Mexican Fast Food Many locations Quick Review: Here we have a local clone of Taco Bell. I wonder if they have taken the basic Taco Bell theme and upgraded it with something a little special or more local or more handmade or whatever?

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Laughing Planet Cafe

Laughing Planet Cafe 760 Blair Boulevard Eugene, OR 97402-4802 (541) 868-0668 See this location on a map Here we have another one of those Eugene restaurants that has a strong “political” following, i.e. people strongly support this place for cultural/lifestyle reasons. Which is nice and all…but the question still remains: When all the quirky […]

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La Fina Taqueria

Fina Taqueria 2621 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97405-3134 (541) 431-3462? Fina Taqueria website See this location on a map Quick Review: Basically the same as Mucho Gusto, which is basically the same as Chipotle, which is basically the same as Freebirds.

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