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Gary’s Coffee

Gary’s Coffee 525 High Street Eugene, OR 97401-2711 (541) 868-1608 Gary’s Coffee Website See this location on a map Quick Review: Gary’s Coffee is a nice quiet little shop that serves delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The best tasting in all of Eugene. I don’t understand why their espresso drinks taste so much better than the […]

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Shari’s Restaurant

Shari’s Restaurants 2950 West 11th Avenue Eugene, OR 97402-3221 (541) 344-1155 See this location on a map I know I am supposed to hate chain restaurants. This is something I need to work harder at doing. I should know that a big evil corporation could not possibly compare with all the funky little local […]

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Holy Donuts

Holy Donuts 1437 Willamette St Eugene, OR 97401 541-510-6635 Holy Donuts’ Facebook page See this location on a map Mmmmm…just what I’ve been dreaming about for all these years. Vegan donuts!…Well, not really, but worth a try.

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Studio One Cafe

Studio One Cafe 1473 E 19th Ave Eugene, OR 97403 (541) 342-8596 See this location on a map Studio One Cafe really has a great reputation. Supporters rave about the French Toast, the servers, and the homey atmosphere. Which begs the question: Is Studio One Cafe really that good or is it the most overrated […]

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The Cooler

The Cooler 20 Centennial Loop Eugene, OR 97401 (541) 484-4355 See this location on a map The Cooler. It’s got a cool name. The entire building looks like a big walk-in refrigerator (hence the name) including the big wooden cooler-ish front door. It’s also got a bunch of neon beer signs, a real live moosehead […]

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Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Barnes & Noble Booksellers Valley River Center 1163 Valley River Center Eugene, OR (541) 687-0356 See this location on a map OK, so maybe you’ve already read the Border’s review on Eugenified, and you are still searching for that perfect megabookstore to take advantage of, i.e. read their books for free while drinking a tall […]

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Ye Olde Pancake House

Ye Olde Pancake House 2421 W 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 344-7830 See this location on a map I am trying to think of something to say about Ye Olde Pancake House, but my mind keeps drifting before I can get anything on paper. It’s hard to describe. It’s just so…so so. There’s nothing […]

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Borders Books Music Movies & Cafe

Borders Books Music Movies & Cafe 5 Oakway Ctr Eugene, OR (541) 345-6072 See this location on a map I really like Borders. First of all, I appreciate that they seem to have started the whole megabookstore thing (Or maybe Fox Books was the first?). I really enjoy having a giant put-Meg-Ryan-out-of-business-bookstore AND a nice […]

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