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Poppi’s Anatolia

Poppi’s Anatolia 992 Willamette Street Eugene, OR 97401-3134 (541) 343-9661 Poppi’s Anatolia’s website’s See this location on a map Yet another hippie-vibe restaurant for me to crush. But wait! What is this I see?! Clean tables, quality materials, well-decorated, table service, a first-rate menu with dishes suitable for adults with no fear of fragrant spices?! […]

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Evergreen Indian Cuisine

Evergreen Indian Cuisine 1525 Franklin Boulevard Eugene, OR 97403 (541) 343-7944 See this location on a map I am really steamed! I just finished eating a lunch buffet at Evergreen Indian Cuisine, and now my body is completely drenched from the steamy interior of this restaurant. Now, I know some of you are reading this […]

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